A mysterious parchment.
Indian bog mummies.
A sacred tree at the Center of the World.
Clues that lead a man with a secret name
on a search for the stolen lands of his ancestors.
It is a quest that will take
David Waterfield
from a sod hut in the Oklahoma panhandle,
through the stately halls of the United States Naval Academy,
and into the dark splendor of the 
Pope's Secret Archives 
in Vatican City.

“A gripping tale of blood lust, greed, adventure, and proud peoples. 
You will not be able to put it down.”

Gwyneth J. Saunders, Southern Maryland Weekly

“Herons Poynte deeply unravels a story of environmental injustice, 
theft of Native lands, and American greed while sending 
a young man down a road of self discovery. 
The story has the elements of the great American novel.”

Shannon Burns, Indian Country Today.

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